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I'm going to assume everyone reading this has been to some sort of retreat or orientation. More often than not, there's some sort of activity or game - or an icebreaker. One of them has variations, and always hits home for me.

Everyone has a box, either given or self made. Every person attending the retreat or orientation or gathering writes something nice and puts it in each individual's box. Then the person gets to take it home and read everything from their box, and it usually makes everyone feel fuzzy and warm and most importantly - loved.

When I was a baby, my godmother Aunt Lisa did something similar. She wrote letters to about 50 people and asked them to write notes for me, give them to my parents on my baptism, and I would open it on my confirmation day. Well, my confirmation day came and went over two years ago, and my mother lost the box. This past Christmas my aunt and mother found them and gave them to me. I read them, cried, lost them, etc. Last night I found the box again and read them, this time combining the icebreaker notes with them.

Sometimes, it amazes me how much love there is in the world.

I cried - more like sobbed - for a while, because the things that these people said - and none of them knew me - were amazing. News from 1992. Happenings in each others lives. Love given to me. Hopes. Dreams. Wishes. You name it, it was there. 

You know the weirdest thing? It really made me feel loved.

So now, I'm adding to it again. The little things that make me happy. Small notes of the day, the small things in life that keep me going. And when times are rough, I'll open them and remember how much I am loved, and how much I love.

I challenge you to do the same. It makes a big difference, believe me, one note at a time.

What's good about today: The most random hug makes a whole difference.

Other news.
On SUNDAY I'm having a LotR marathon with my friend!!! YAY! I can't wait.

And LoveJimmyWillly would like to announce her new community: 
Looking for a friendly JB community? A place where you can share your fic, your picspams, and have an all around good time while still getting the Jonas news and updates you thrive on? Check out
[info]iam_amazed, an open community where we just want to spread the love, have a good time and where we live by Peace.Love.JB. It's the brainchild of [info]lovejimmywilly and [info]crazyqt13 so you know it has to be pretty awesome. Come check us out, you won't be disappointed.

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Hi everybody! Well...…if anybody actually reads this. Anyway I'm T work and very bored because I finished my books already, which is Always quite depressing. I can't wait until Friday when I go to new York. I am going to read a book on thebway there and then jetski once at the resort. I cannot wait!!!!!!

But in the meantime I plan to have my story outline finished by August 12th. Which mneans I have a hell of a lot of work to do.

Wish me luck.
And send love to lovejimmywilly. She writes amazing fics.

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Five icky things.

Five things about today.
5. I managed to get a decent amount of sleep.
4. I meditated and tried to sort things out for over an hour.
3. .....And I still had no luck.
2. I've started to doubt everything I believe in and know to be true.
1. I love someone who cannot love me back.

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Hello world. Meet Euterpe.

So, I had this great big long post typed up and I was so happy...... But then my stupid eyepod decided to erase it.

Anyway, everybody - meet Euterpe. My brand spanking new iPod touch. Euterpe is the roman muse of music, so I thought it fitting.

Five things good about today.
5. I am almost done with work for the day.
4. I am going to watch a movie tonight!
3. This iPod touch is entirely too addictive.
2. Rustles of Spring is coming along very well.
1. I finally starting to figure things out with my life.

Cheers loves!!!

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I have a love. Her name is NIKKI! Lovejimmywilly on LiveJournal. She helps me with all my technical LJ stuff and making pretty icons and being amazing and loverly and amazing and loverly and amazing and loverly.

*squee bounce happy*

Can you tell I'm excited?

Look out world; I'm back, bitches.
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Book of Hush

Night with my friends - random quotes. Title Courtesy of Jimmy Willy.

"Wait, piss pot?! I thought you said Pee Bucket!" - V

"I'm naked under my clothes," --Wil.

"Ouch! It stung me!" - v.

"How do you do a hand job?"
"HAND JIVE, not Hand Job!"
--Kelsey and V.

"I like your tongue, Kelsey." ---Virginia.

"I thought that said Dildo." --Virginia

"Don't worry Wil, I can't come either." --Me.
"That's what she said!" -- Kelsey and Virginia.

"We're whipping cream."

"I want to ride the horse." --Kelsey.

"I love breasts." --Kelsey

"Uhm, Brenda? It's burning my nipple off." -- Wilmer.